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16 Critical Software Practices

In Your Project ...

  • What processes are in place to ensure that quality is built in to the system?

  • How are requirements managed?

  • Are they traceable from the requirements document to the end product?

  • Are metrics and formal inspections used to identify, track, and close defects?

  • Does your configuration management process adequately control product baseline, engineering data integrity, data approval, data release, and engineering documentation?

We at SPMN offer a broad mix of system engineering servSPMNs that supports our clients' desire to establish and maintain winning systems acquisition, development and/or product support teams. We aggressively seek out and implement proven best practices that help our clients quickly achieve near-term process improvements, while laying down an essential foundation for long-term strategic success. Our dedicated technical staff provides the necessary mentorship and leadership to educate, empower, and energize our clients' teams from top management down.

SPMN brings to the table sound IT business solutions and engineering disciplines that are proven successful in various large-scale government and commercial system acquisition and management programs. The breadth of our IT services ranges from several hours to one or more days of dedicated consulting, to longer term, monthly or yearly direct staffing support.

Available Services:
  • Software management

  • Requirements management

  • Information assurance

  • Oversight outsourcing

  • Configuration Management

  • Systems integration management

  • Testing support

  • System security

  • Technical reviews

  • Engineering standards, and procedures assessment and development

  • Engineering control process development and implementation

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Feasibility studies

  • Trade-off studies


Today's dynamic, technology-intensive, corporate environment requires IT-based businesses and service providers to be ever more visionary and proactive in applying and managing their software systems to stay ahead of the growing wave of client's demands and expectations. ICE has the experience, the knowledge, and the experts to help your organization be successful today and well into the future.

Contact us for a free price quote: info@spmn.com

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