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16 Critical Software Practices

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In Your Project ...

  • How confident are you that industry standards and processes are being applied in your system acquisition activities?

  • Can you identify managerial and technical weaknesses impacting project cost, schedule, and/or performance?

  • Is your staff aware of all the technological issues affecting successful, multi-platform system integration?

  • Is there a process for determining when and how upgrades to your system should be performed?

In today's high-tech age, leading IT organizations invest a great deal of time and money to ensure their system acquisition projects perform to specified requirements, and that they are delivered on time and on budget. The success of these systems depends heavily on management's ability to accurately determine, measure and track project status. Remember - "You can't manage what you don't measure, and you can't measure what you don't know about."

SPMN Project Risk Assessments provide managers with essential data on issues affecting project cost, schedule, and performance that are both measurable and manageable. Our assessments are a manager's first line of defense against being blindsided by one of these "program issues." The earlier and the more frequently these issues are identified, the quicker decision-makers can assess your program status and take the necessary corrective actions to minimize their impact on cost, schedule, and performance.

Using one of three proprietary project evaluation tools, the SPMN assessment team conducts focused interviews of key program management, system development, and contractor personnel. By involving the principal stakeholders in the interview process, we can quickly identify internal and external program risks, thereby maximizing data collection and effectiveness. Our process is non-intrusive and non-threatening. By firmly adhering to a predefined schedule, we minimize the impact on your project staff and schedule. Most large-scale projects can be thoroughly evaluated within two to three days.  All assessment findings are kept strictly confidential between our assessment team and the customer.

The SPMN assessment process involves documenting, analyzing, and reporting all identified program issues and risks. Our team can quickly zero in on those risks that pose the greatest and immediate threat to your project's cost, schedule and performance. The assessment team will then provide recommended mitigation strategies for those for the most critical project risks. At the conclusion of each assessment, the SPMN presents the customer with a comprehensive briefing and final report that summarize our assessment findings.


Three Assessment Processes:

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SPMN Point-in-Time Assessment

  • Provides a “snapshot” of project and/or product status

  • Identifies, categorizes and prioritizes project risks according to their potential impact on project cost, schedule and performance

  • Shortest and least expensive of the three assessment types.
    Generally one to three days, depending on scope

16 Critical Software Practices (CSP)TM Baseline Assessment

  • Self-assessment process facilitated by expert review and validation of responses and subjective scoring

  • Two-phased approach

  • SPMN Point-in-Time Assessment (2 days)

    • “Snapshot” of project status

    • Identify, categorize and prioritize risks

  • 16 Point Plan Baseline Assessment (1 day)

    • Determines project and process baseline according to the 16 (CSP)TM

    • Provides benchmark for follow-up assessments that will evaluate progress toward full implementation of the 16 CSPTM

SPMN ISATTM Assessment
  • Based on the Software Development Capability Evaluation (SDCE)

  • A method to evaluate an software developer’s capability to build software while successfully meeting program lifecycle requirements

  • Addresses Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, and other critical development disciplines

  • Focused on enhancing the source selection process for software systems acquisition

  • Applies high value discriminators specific to the program or project

  • Tailorable – Selected extensions/subset applied to effort at hand

The SPMN assessment team is ready to assist your organization quickly determine your project status so you can effectively manage your risks, apply proven best practices and ultimately, deliver quality software systems and services on schedule and on budget - the first time!

Contact us for a free price quote: info@spmn.com

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