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16 Critical Software Practices

We Are Your Independent & Experienced "Set of Eyes"

In Your Project ...

  • How will you verify that the delivered product meets all contractual requirements?

  • How will you validate that the product achieves all specified performance requirements?

  • How will you verify that the delivered system meets or exceeds established quality standards?

  • To what extent are you confident that the system developer maintained stringent control over system data, system components, and delivered products?

The principal objective of SPMN's Program Assessment services is to help our customers build quality into their software products throughout the system life cycle. We at SPMN are committed to helping our clients successfully develop, maintain, and integrate complex systems in today's challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, system acquisition jungle. This means providing trusted and reliable support services that ensure our clients achieve their corporate IT strategies on time and on budget, while meeting specific operational system requirements.

We provide our clients with confidence that the right system is being acquired and, being built correctly. Our Program Assessment services ensure that the reported acquisition methodology and program status is accurate. Our Program Assessment team can performs formal milestone and product reviews, and establish quality gates and metrics that are vital to early defect identification and mitigation.

The SPMN team can directly support and provide qualified guidance during critical system acquisition activities. For example, they can participate in critical requirements analyses, system design activities, system development, and system testing and implementation initiatives. The team can perform detailed reviews and independent assessments of crucial system hardware and software documentation, ensuring accuracy, completeness, consistency, and compliance with established engineering standards, such as IEEE, ISO, ANSI, MIL-standards, and individual program standards.

Today's large-scale system acquisition, development, and maintenance projects are more complex than ever. SPMN's Program Assessment services can be your crucial, independent set of eyes, ensuring both project and contractor activities are sufficiently robust and quality-driven to develop safe, secure, and reliable systems for you and your customers.

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