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16 Critical Software Practices

In Your Project ...

  • How are project risks identified, tracked, and managed?

  • How accurate are your project cost estimates and how often are they updated?

  • Are metrics used to track key project management activities against established thresholds?

  • Is your staff adequately trained to perform their respective jobs?

SPMN provides Project Management support in a number of ways, including expert hands-on consulting and mentoring, on-site staffing support, and specialized training. We support our clients by using only experienced, world-class industry experts. Our support staff each has more than 20 years experience in IT Project Management, having served serving in top-level positions, such as IT Principle, Program/Project Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, and/or Senior Software Engineer.

The extensive, "in the trenches" experience our team members have enables us to provide you with short-fused, master-level support with minimal ramp-up time. Our quick access to subject matter expertise your project needs saves you time and money - two factors most critical in today's demanding and fast-paced IT business world.

Our main goal is to strengthen your team's understanding and practical skills relating to critical project management activities, thereby enabling them to perform their tasks more efficiently and productively and helping to ensure your project's overall success.


Available Services:
  • Project management

  • Project planning & scheduling

  • Information assurance

  • Oversight outsourcing

  • Requirements management

  • Risk management

  • Project assessment

  • Required resource estimation

  • Earned value & cost estimation

  • Work package development

  • Metrics planning & implementation

  • Project control, process development & implementation

  • Implementation plans & documentation

  • Requests for proposal development

  • Process evaluation & improvement

  • Specialized training & course development

The SPMN team is ready to assist your organization with these and other proven and cost-effective management techniques so you can deliver quality software systems and services on schedule and on budget - the first time!

Contact us for a free price quote: info@spmn.com

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