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16 Critical Software Practices
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Click on the guidebook thumbnails to download. The  guidebook files are Adobe Acrobat .PDFs and are compressed with WINZIP to speed up the download. 

Program Managers Guide to Software Acquisition
Program Managers Guide to Software Acquisition
A comprehensive guide to the nine Principal Best Practices, which when effectively implemented, will help bring order, predictability, and higher levels of productivity and quality to government and commercial software acquisition projects.  Download
Little Yellow Book of Software Management Questions
This set of questions has been developed to provide a means for program managers and review authorities to assess the extent to which project management has an adequate understanding of the key issues involved in conducting a successful project and the extent to which these practices are employed. Download
Project Analyzer Project Analyzer
A handy questionnaire that program managers should complete that will provide them with a 'quick look' at their software project's health.  Download   
The Condensed Guide To Software Acquisition Best Practices The Condensed Guide To Software Acquisition Best   Practices
This guide provides winning strategies used by successful government and industry software program managers. Implementing these practices and tools in your program environment will enable you to effectively manage your    acquisition program as well.   Download
Little  Book of Configuration Management Little Book of Configuration Management
A guide to help managers establish Configuration Management as a means by which to maintain and control integrity, content, change, and/or status of shared information throughout a projects life cycle.  Download
The Little Book of Bad Excuses The Little Book of Bad Excuses
Real excuses used by real software program managers. How many have you heard before or used yourself?        
Little Book of Testing, Vol. I, Overview & Best Practices
This first volume of the testing series offers strategies for effective testing of large-scale software programs, and advice on how to manage testing and evaluation programs.

The Little Book of Testing, Vol. II, Implementation Techniques
Implementing the basic testing concepts and rules in this second volume of the testing series will significantly improve your testing process, and result in better products.


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