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16 Critical Software Practices
Comments About the Program Manager's Guide to Software Acquisition Best Practices (version 2.0)
  • Program Manager, U.S. Army
    "I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support. [Our program] had been plagued by system lock-ups, and BIT/BITE false alarms. [Your assessment team] was instrumental as "red team" participants, making several critical recommendations, including the conduct of a design of experiments (DOE) for system software. Their recommendations were accepted and implemented. As a result, [the program] successfully completed the Limited User Test II...and suffered no system lock-ups and only four confirmed false alarms on six systems with 2007 operational hours. These outstanding results are due in large part to the excellent advice and support provided by [your assessment team].

    Once again, thank you for your superb support."

  • Aerospace Industries Association
    "Most of the material in this report hits the mark squarely and should be strongly supported."

  • Space-Based Early Warning Systems (EWS) Program Office
    "This document provides a wide range of 'lessons learned' and recommendations (best practices) derived from many software development projects. This type of information is potentially very useful to DoD software acquisition organizations."

  • PEO Missile Defense
    "This document provides a list of Best Practices which is an extensive, interesting, and helpful inventory of ideas, conventions and techniques for improving software acquisition."

  • Headquarters US Army Communications-Electronics Command, Research, Development and Engineering Center
    "The Software Engineering Directorate believes that 'Best Practices' is in the spirit of the new way of doing business and will have a major impact on improving the software acquisition management process."

  • Headquarters US Air Force, Space and Missile Systems
    "Review of the subject document found it to be a well thought out, mature plan."

  • PEO Submarines, C3I Program Office
    "This document brings together current Government and industry standards used in software acquisition, and ideas for improvement under one cover. The attempt is very noble and the resultant document provides a good resource for determining areas of concern in software acquisition."


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